Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A 14 year old in my womb...

Just got off my consult call with Dr Keenan.  He sets them up on the date of the transfer for all his EA patients.  I'm sure it might take a bit longer if a pregnancy hadn't been acheived, but mine was a 5 minute phone call.

I found out that the embryos we adopted were 14 years old!  Wow!  That's pretty amazing that they can be frozen for that long and still be alive!  I am sort of freaking out though... he said that 14 years frozen was among the oldest they'd used... but he said they don't decrease in viability or quality in the frozen state.  My pregnancy is no higher risk than any other of their transfers :)

It's strange because looking at the profile initially I knew that the twins born from this "batch" were born in 99... but I guess it didn't really sink in.

He said there's no reason to do genetic testing... and I'm to let my OB know that the bio mother was 34.

My ultrasound is set up for next Friday afternoon.  I'm so anxious!  I just want to hear a strong heart beat!

The order that NEDC sent me was for anytime next week... but I want Mat to be there to hear the heartbeat for the first time, too (and he wants to be there!) and he has Friday afternoons off... so, next Friday afternoon it is!

Dr Keenan said that that's when we'll know about singleton or twins.  I honestly don't feel like I'm pregnant with twins... but who knows?  We'll be blessed either way!  :)

God is great!


  1. Your title cracked me up! Crazy how long embryos can be frozen and later thawed to continue growing at a normal pace, isn't it?

  2. How amazing! Can't wait to hear all about your ultrasound! By the way, I nominated you for a fun blog award so stop by and check it out.

  3. I am starting to follow your blog and I wanted to tell you how excited I am for you! We just adopted five embryos ourselves, and they are almost 10 years old! Good luck in your journey, I can't wait to see it unfold. :)

  4. Hey Liz! Godspeed with your embies! Are you going through NEDC?

  5. Nope, we actually adopted them privately through a donor in another state and had them shipped to us here in Texas. In fact, they just arrived this morning! We adopted them through an open-adoption of sorts - our donor family has a son through the embryos, however they are not the genetic parents. They received them as donor embryos themselves anonymously through their clinic. So while we likely will never know the genetic parents, our children will know one another which is wonderful. I just started a blog about our journey: I hope to be right behind you and updating my blog with pregnancy ultrasounds too if our FET works! I am very excited for you, even though you don't even know me. ;-) God IS good!

  6. Woot! Yay God! I'm reading your blog now :)