Thursday, January 3, 2013

I get my morning sickness at night...

Funny, but true.  Well, it's more of an all-day thing, but night is definitely the worst.

I've been burping and hiccuping a ton.  It's a good thing that I cut out soda... I can't imagine how gassy I would be if I were still drinking it!

I have been craving diet Pepsi though.  Maybe after I'm out of the first trimester I'll indulge in the occasional soda.

Hubby had a bowl of cereal in bed last night.  A cereal that I had eaten a week before... but the smell made me sick.

None of these are complaints.  We're finally pregnant and we have God to thank for it (and His miracle of embryo adoption). 

Every time Katie from NEDC calls and asks how I am, I say "sick, but that's good!".

And it is.  It is truly a blessing.

We love our little Wiggler!

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