Friday, January 4, 2013


I forgot to post this, but Katie called two days ago with my levels and new med orders.

My labs were taken Monday.

Estradiol-1202 (switched immediately to 1mg Estrace twice daily- 1/2 tab twice daily down from one tab twice daily)

Progesterone-93.28 (switched just this morning to 1/2 ml PIL am and pm.  I had been on 1ml twice daily)

I asked if it was possible to do the 1 ml of PIL once a day.  She said no.  Poop.  It was worth a shot! (or one less shot ;)

 My butt looks (and feels!) like a pin cushion. 

But it's all for the blessing that is Wiggler!  Totally worth it... I'd even take the PIL shots in my already oh-so-sore boobies if it were necessary.  I'm glad I don't have to, but I'm just saying :)

Last night I woke up 3 times famished.  I ate a rice krispie treat two times... once I ate crackers.  I need to start having more filling snacks on my bed side table so that I don't wake up so much.


  1. Sounds exciting!!! I feel the same way - just found out yesterday I will be doing prog in oil daily from right before the transfer until 12 weeks of pregnancy! eek! But hey, if I am pregnant, I will do it happily!! When did you start the prog shots and how long will you continue!?

  2. I started a few days before the transfer. They told me at the transfer that I may end up using them until 13 weeks... but I guess if my numbers are really good next week they may take me off early? Not sure.

    Yeah, for babies, any shots are worth it!

  3. I remember the dreaded PIO shots. Yech. I ended up being allergic to them. I wonder what this doctor will do this time...

  4. Shannon- I can't comment on your blog... it keeps sending me to a page to sign up, and then I do, but it just sends me back to the same page when I try to comment... weird.