Tuesday, January 22, 2013

*sniff* Amy saved the Starwhale! *sniff sniff bawl*

So the crazy hormones are at it again.  This time I was watching Doctor Who "The Beast Below" episode... and when Amy saved the Starwhale I just started bawling.  He came to Earth because he heard children crying!  How sad that he was enslaved and how happy Amy freed him!

Anyway, I was a wreck... happy and sad tears.  I called Mat in for a hug and he asked what was wrong.  Between sniffles and sobs I managed to get out that Amy saved the Starwhale... and he found that hilarious.  Not that she saved it, but that I was bawling because she saved it.  So he was laughing and I started to laugh -while bawling- and I continued to try to explain myself.  His back got very wet.

I'm pregnant.

Anyway, this weekend my friend gave me all her cloth diapers!  A bunch of other baby stuff, too.  I'm anxious to try out the diapers though to see how easy they are for me to use :) 


  1. Cloth diapers are so awesome. Depending on the type she gave you....they really are not much more work than disposable and save sooooo much money.

    1. They're a mix... but they look pretty awesome! Some are bought and some are home made out of old T-shirts. I'm going to try them out on a stuffed animal one of these days :)

      We'd been planning on cloth diapering, now we don't have to buy them!