Monday, April 8, 2013

23 weeks pics and more!

I was 23 weeks yesterday!  I wore a pretty cute outfit (by my thrift store and hand-me-down standards) to church.  But I had changed by the time we remembered to take pictures. Oh well, still good bump pics!

23 weeks!

23 weeks!

the style of quilt I'm going to make for daughter.  I saw this at my favorite quilt shop, Millie P's, ages ago and fell in love with it.  So over Easter weekend my mom and I went fabric shopping and chose the fabric :)  It's just a log cabin with smaller blocks.  Perfect baby quilt!

This is the fabric that we chose.  I'm so excited!  The red, green, and blue of the same print are the fabrics that Mat and I picked out in TN for the three embryos.  One of them, Daughter, is still alive so she'll have a nice memorial in her quilt to the two embryos who went to meet God.

Mat and I (with Daughter!) at the bowling alley to celebrate a some birthdays.

This is the doll bed that I made (with my mom's and Mat's help, thanks!  cutting, ironing, and elastic are the tedious parts that they helped with) for the birthday girl.  There was also a birthday boy, but I didn't make his gift.  Anyway, I had made one in February for our Goddaughter (birthday girls sister) and current birthday girl really liked it.  It's on a large tupperware storage thing, complete with a bed skirt velcroed on, so you can store doll accessories under it.  My cousin (birthday girl and Goddaughters mom) said I should start selling them on Etsy... also the bowling alley lady took my name and number so that she could call me to see how much I would charge to make one for her granddaughter.  So... that was weird.  I guess there really is a market!

For now, I don't plan on making another until Daughter's first or second birthday.  I'd much rather quilt or sew something without elastic.  But, we'll see if bowling alley lady calls....


  1. that is one cute bump, outfit or not! you look adorable!

  2. Looking great! Love that you quilt. I have not a single stitch of craftiness in me (that came out funny!).

  3. It's officially not a bump anymore...that's a baby belly :)
    there def. is a market for stuff like that-maybe when you're a stay at home mom you could do that for extra money on the side-maybe when Daughter is old enough to help
    Love you!!!

  4. You look fantastic!! That is quite the ambitious quilt that you and your mom are making. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I am considering doing quilts for the boys, but I am new to sewing and have never quilted before, so we will see.