Saturday, April 20, 2013

Switching to a midwife at 25-26 weeks?!?

We're strongly considering it... so strongly, in fact, that we have a call in to a midwife clinic in Fargo (the nearest midwives who birth at a hospital) and we're trying to get in with them on Friday for my glucose test, rather than the OB that I had seen about 30 minutes away.

As I wrote before, I just wasn't "warmed" by the new OB I was transferred to after my original OB had her due date bumped up.  She just isn't as personable and I'm really not comfortable with her.  I really think my comfort level during my delivery is very important to a healthy delivery.  She's the only other OB in the practice... except up in Fargo.  If I go that far anyway, I'm going with a midwife.

I spoke with some friends around here.  One of them, my cousin, had given birth in the hospital I was supposed to, and she said that she had planned a natural birth and her OB knew that.  He stuck clipboard after clipboard into her laboring face and got her signed approval for meds... first to speed contractions, then slow them, then speed them... everything!  I was getting really scared... and she told me that her mom, my aunt, had used both midwives and OB on her different pregnancies, and she had tried to convince my cousin to go with a midwife.

It was an eye opening conversation and just the kick I needed to make the switch. 

The other friend I spoke with had used a midwife out of Fargo but she lives in the nearby town, about an hour away from Fargo.  She answered all my questions and was so helpful. She actually used the same midwife practice that my insurance covers and I already had a call into. 

The midwives I would see are in a practice together, and I would be delivered by whoever is oncall.  But there are only 5 CNMs in the practice, and I would meet them all before my labor. 

I'm anxiously awaiting my call back from the midwife clinic.  They're supposed to call Monday to let me know about getting in...

Here's hoping! :)


  1. We used a midwife with our last pregnancy and am using one again this time. They are wonderful!

  2. Having just watched The Business of Being Born, I think this is fantastic. Totally the way to go!

    1. I just added that to our Netflix queue this morning! Can't wait to watch it :)