Friday, April 5, 2013

New OB doctor first appointment

Daughters HB today was 146, which was good :)

I didn't like the new Dr as much as I had liked the first... she was a bit less personable, but every bit as knowledgeable.  I am still going to deliver with her, and it's important to me to know the delivery Dr.  

Got some questions answered...

There is no "lactation consultant" by title at the hospital I will be delivering in.  There are nurses trained in helping, but nobody with that actual title.

Labor classes: she  said there should be a list in the folder that I had received during my OB intake... I checked- there's not.  We're going to go ahead and order the Birth Free method DVDs.

I asked if she was on the same page as First Doctor... and she said she wasn't positive so I asked her a few of the questions again and, from the past questions of First Doctor that I could remember, she seemed on the same page.

I notice more Daughter kicks low- I asked if that was due to the anterior placenta absorbing more of the movement toward the top.  She said that the placenta grows with Daughter... but the only time an anterior placenta could be a problem is during a C Section.  So... didn't really answer my ?, but got some good information.

***TMI alert... female body parts, and what not.  Men (and squeamish women) can skip this paragraph.***
I'm having a lot of breast pain.  I didn't have much at all last week, but I had pretty bad breast pain consistently before that.  I had hoped that the decrease in pain was indicative of stopping growth... but Second Doctor said that it was normal, and about 1/3 of women have relatively consistent breast pain during pregnancy.  I asked if or when they would stop growing, she said that there was no way to tell, and that many women continue growing through breast feeding. 

I had some mild cramping last night.  She said it was probably the growing uterus or shifting baby.  But when I cramp I'm supposed to rest and relax.  I can call if the cramping lasts more than a couple hours, is worse, or is accompanied by anything else.

I asked about staying cool in the summer.  She said that shade, hats, drinking lots of fluids, and taking breaks in front of a fan or in AC are all good.  And Swimming is fine (I need a maternity suit!)

At my next appointment, Mat and I will get our Tetanus and Pertussis shots and I'll have my glucose test (for gestational diabetes).  That will be in 3 weeks, then I'll switch to being seen every two weeks.  Mat was nervous when I told him that, but every pregnancy they switch you to biweekly visits at around 28 weeks.


  1. It sounds like you had a really productive visit! I guess I must have missed it, why did you end up having to switch OBs?

    1. She is pregnant and her due date was bumped up. Congrats to her :)