Tuesday, April 23, 2013

25 week pics, the official midwife switch, and Mat avenged Mookie

I was 25 weeks on Sunday!  My tummy sure is growing and I'm feeling daughter and seeing her more and more.  Now I think I might have a good sense of her positioning based on where the kicks are. 

25 weeks!

25 weeks with Mookie

My arms have been swelling along with the rest of me.  Now my watch is getting tight and it's harder to get the dishwashing glove off.  Not complaining, just saying!  If my arms need to swell to Michellin man size for Daughter, I'd gladly go through it for our little miracle :)

The midwife office called me back yesterday afternoon.  I'm all set for the switch!  Mat is able to come with to the next appointment, so that will be nice.  I'm only going to meet one of the five midwives in the practice, but I was told my future appointments will have me meeting the others.

In other news, Mookie heard daddy say meat!
 Mookie is doing pretty well since the skunk attack.  Especially since Daddy avenged him!

Dead skunk shot by my sharp shooter hubby at 325 yards

Mat with his rifle standing on the walk.  Happy as can be!  You can still see some of the tomato sauce on the cement.


  1. Love your belly pic. And the swelling...Oh how I remember! Miserable. My memories of second trimester pregnancy (didn't make it far into the third tri) are blissfully miserable. Blissful because I was carrying our sweet twins. Miserable because my body was having a very hard time carrying them.

  2. Blissful misery... well stated! I'm not quite miserable yet... I'm pretty sure it'll come, though.

  3. That bump looks good on you :-) and mookie looks like he's recovered from his skink shame

  4. You are looking good! Nice job on the skunk, Mat!

  5. You are looking fantastic!! Pregnancy make s you glow :)