Thursday, April 25, 2013

Daughter's dance recital for daddy

Last night while we were watching our birthing class DVD, Daughter started kicking.  I placed Mat's hand on my tummy.  She was just dancing and wiggling away for daddy!  Usually when I or Mat put a hand on my tummy she slows her movement and rather quickly just snuggles up.  But not last night!  She really wanted to show off her new moves :)

The DVD last night was about Baby's awareness in the womb to mama's feelings and the surroundings.  So maybe she new we were watching a DVD to prepare for her birth!

I joke that she does Morse Code in my tummy by tap dancing.  So she sends messages like "I love my daddy!" or "My grandparents are awesome!" stuff like that.  She really does tap dance in there...


  1. Cute! I love it that she moves around so much for you guys!

    1. It is pretty awesome. She keeps me awake sometimes at night, though, but she's just getting me ready for once she's born ;)