Monday, June 24, 2013

Surprise baby shower and tactical beverage holder

Last night at Bible study they had a surprise baby shower for Daughter and another little girl who is due to come out in July.  They are so sweet!  They are such a nice group of gals.  I'm so blessed to know them and be able to meet with them to study the Bible :)

Now we're taking a summer break from the Bible study.  We just finished the lessons in Pew Sisters, a really good small group study.  It sparked some very interesting conversations.

Today was a hectic day for work, but I'm feeling pretty good anyway.  So I made Mat something he's been wanting for a while, a beverage holder for the tractor.  We had plenty of denim that I found at a garage sale, so I was just going to make it out of that.  But Mat wanted me to use some of the Crye Multi Cam that we picked up at a fabric outlet.  So, I did. 

Tactical Beverage Holder

With some left over Velcro, it seems to work pretty good!  He's very excited to hang it from the light bar... so we just went outside to do it. 

It makes me happy when I can do little things for my family to make them so happy :)

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  1. Be careful-you may be recruited to start making those tactical beverage holders for other people. You could modify the velcro so it is on the back of the holder and then it could just velcro to the tactical vests. Oh boy...I smell a business venture-J/K