Sunday, July 28, 2013

39 weeks and nesting kicks in!

We decided to try to take some maternity pics, despite my swollen state.

39 weeks!

And today after church I went crazy... I needed to sew!  We needed to get the nursery done!

So that's what we did... I sewed, Mat hung things on the walls and curtains... now he's bathing Mookie and he's going to vaccuum before 6:00... at 6:00 the night turns into a relaxing date night.  Trying to stay relaxed before tomorrow's version!

Here are some of the things I sewed today and Mat finished in the nursery...

Niece's quilt front and back

Daughter's quilt top, Niece's bottom
Curtains (now with black out backing) and valence
Mommy's tactical beverage holder
 This I made to hook onto the day bed in the nursery.  I plan on doing a lot of nursing in there and it makes sense to have a hands free drink available.  Just lean over and suck the straw without disturbing Daughter :)
Snowflake pattern for our little snowflake :)
curtain tie backs
I may do a tutorial on how to make curtain tie backs... I took a lot of pictures and it's just scraps (the left overs from backing and binding niece's quilt and the white ribbon thingy's that come around so many new born things).

Well, tomorrow's the big day!  We're putting our trust in God and praying like mad!  Please pray for Daughter to turn so we don't have to have a C Section. 


  1. So exciting! Praying for you guys :)

  2. Love the snowflake quilting! Praying for you!

    1. Thanks! It's a harder one than my mom and I have ever tried... but I wasn't able to go with and rent out the long arm so we just paid the quilt shop to do them. I love it! Glad we did :)

      Thanks for the prayers :)

  3. Love all the nice quilting and work done to the nursery. Love your tactical beverage holder. Praying for a successful version tomorrow!

    1. Thanks! I still have some sewing to do... but I think I'll manage.

      Thanks for the prayers!