Friday, September 20, 2013

2 month doctor visit

Daughter is growing so fast!  She's gained 42 oz in the last 26 days (when she was last weighed) and she's grown 2.75 inches since her 2 week appointment.  That's amazing!  The Dr said I must have great milk.  Makes a mama feel good to hear that!

Before the shots

I still have a blister on my right... I'm nursing through it... it's stopped growing, but it's still there.  I'm just waiting for it to pop.

Next week I think I'm going to the nursing support group to try to get some answers.  The Dr today told me to put cabbage on it.  But then we forgot to get any...

She smiles at us now.  It's so cute!  Hard to get pictures of it though... 
Yesterday I caught a bit of a smile


  1. She's growing up so fast!! What a cutie patootie!

  2. Congratulations Malia! It took me a while to get back to reading blogs. As you know, I didn't have the time to continue my own. But I was still following your story. Your daughter is beautiful. I ended up delivering just a couple days after you. My son, Christian, was born on 7/31 at 37 weeks. I had moderately high blood pressure, so I was advised to move up the c section date. Everything has gone soothly and he's just perfect. I'm glad you're doing well. Take care. Andrea (Jumping the Plan)

    1. I love the name Christian! Congratulations on your blessing! I totally understand being busy, but if you start up again with your blog I'm anxious to read more :)

  3. Good job, Mama! She is precious. I love those first smiles!