Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cluster feeding until 3 am?!?

I'm exhausted and sore.  Daughter did allow me to get in a decent nap this morning because, surprise surprise, she was also sleeping.  But yeah, cluster feeding until 3 am. 

Mat is awesome though.  He came out several times to ask if he could get me anything.  I asked him to feed her at 5 (his usual bottle time before leaving for work) and just let me sleep through it.  When he kissed me good bye this morning he told me that she only took an ounce.  What?  Only one ounce?  She must still be full from her extreme cluster feeding last night.

Not only did she nurse almost constantly from 9 to 3, but she was getting frustrated about me being out of milk and crying so I gave her 3 ounces of pumped milk as well.  3 ounces plus whatever she got out of me!  I really hope this is just a growth spurt... my boobs can't take it!

I woke to Daughter babbling in her sleep at 8 and pumped and tried to get more sleep... she had other plans so at 9 I gave her the rest of the bottle from 5 am (I try to pump three 3 ounce bottles and keep them in the fridge).

Then she quickly fell asleep...

At this pace, I honestly don't see myself building up a freezer stash.  Right now we have one 3 oz bag in the freezer.  I'm taking blessed thistle and Fenugreek.  Eating oatmeal every day... She's gaining weight and has plenty of wet and dirty diapers, so I know she's getting enough... but I want to be able to build up a freezer stash!

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