Saturday, September 14, 2013

More blisters and post partum visit

Grrr!  Just when I think we're getting the hang of nursing, more blisters!

One was a milk blister.  Very painful, but easy enough to fix.  A long bath was what this mama needed anyway!  So, that's gone now.

On the right again, there is a normal blister starting.  It may be a blood blister... right now it's hard to tell and I don't want to let it get big enough so that I can tell!  So I'm doing a day of pumping from that side and nursing from the left followed by a bottle of expressed milk from the right.

I think it may be my nursing chair.  I primarily nurse in a very comfortable chair in our living room... I'm thinking that it's hard to get a good position in it.  It's a lazy boy chair... big and comfy.  I'm going to do more nursing in the nursery or on the couch.  Hopefully that helps! 

I had my 6 week post partum appointment this week.  It went pretty well... I had to see the OB GYN, though.  Not the midwife who I love... once someone has a C Section in ND, apparently midwives are off limits.

The OB GYN was very rushed.  She's nice, but much less warm than my midwife had been.  I miss my midwife.

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