Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nursing my adopted daughter

It's so amazing that I'm able to nurse my adopted daughter. Most adoptive parents never get the chance.

Yesterday was the funeral of a childhood friend. He will be missed. Because of the visitation (Sunday) and the funeral (Monday) being in my home town, I rode there with my parents on Sunday and back to the lake yesterday. It was about 8 hours in the car with all of the driving for the visitation/funeral. So I had to nurse in new places. I used my nursing cover for 5 nursing sessions out and about. I had previously only nursed in public (with my cover) once- in the car. 

I am so thankful that its finally getting easier! I stuck with it and it paid off!  I may get more blisters in the future... But I think I can deal. 

And I had a revelation while nursing in the church nursery. I figured out why nurseries are called nurseries!

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  1. Good job, Mama, for sticking with it! Your perseverance has paid off! So happy for you : )