Monday, October 6, 2014

Sleep regression...

Sleep regression.

Ugly, disgusting phrase...

Last night Daughter went to sleep at 7:30.  Then she was up at 10:30, 3:30, and 5.

Mama is tired.  But once I got her back to bed (after the 5:00 wake up I just put her back in the crib and let her cry it out, as I'd read ) she slept till after 9, so she's wide awake today!

If it happens tonight, I'm going to try to let her CIO.  It'll be hard, but that seems to be the consensus on line.  

Any other ideas, mamas out there?


  1. Sleep is such a hard thing to conquer - especially when you are sleep deprived. My only suggestion is that when someone does need to go in at night at this age often sending Daddy is better because there is a lesser expectation of long cuddles, nursing, etc. Good luck!!!

    1. Thanks, but that doesn't work for us... Mat works nights :(

  2. Hopefully it's just a short-lived phase. Kaylee's done that a few times. I'm definitely a fan of CIO. Hope it gets better!
    And YAY for getting closer to baby #2!