Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hot flashes, nephews, and starting the estrace...

Each night I wake up sweating.  And my husband is fine (last night he actually woke up cold)... so that's interesting.  I've had some tenderness at the injection spots and in the breasts. 

Our nephew was born!  That's exciting!  Yesterday we made the trek out to WI to visit him in the hospital.  He's a healthy adorable little boy!  Both he and my sister in law are doing well :)

Got the call yestreday while I was holding my adorable new nephew that I was cleared to start the Estrace today.  My ultrasound and lab looked good!  Praise God!  So I've started Estrace.  1/2 a pill twice daily for now. 

I just hope the side effects aren't as bad as the Reclipsen!  I'm praying!  But even if they are, it's all part of God's plan for us to get children.  I'll just cry... a lot... and then some more! 

It probably won't be that bad... but I don't think I've ever taken Estrace before, so I'm really not sure.


  1. Estrace isn't too bad from what I can remember. :)

  2. I had some nausea yesterday but it seems to be helping with the hot flashes. I didn't wake up drenched! :)

  3. Who had the baby??? Obviously on Mat's side of them family right?