Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Today, I'm officially pregnant.

By the calender, if all goes well and our babies are transferred in two weeks, then today is officially my first day of pregnancy :)

Technically, not pregnant... no babies in this womb.  But according to the calender I'll be two weeks pregnant at conception... so, I'm pregnant!

That's exciting! :)

On another note, the Gamill long arm that we rented went crazy last night and we only got two rows of my quilts done (I'm quilting them side by side to save time).  So we're going back next week to finish.  I'll have to hurry to get them bound for the trip!

The NEDC sent us a letter.  The embryos we adopted have some extra fees, $830, for transporting and storing... well, we knew this might happen but it was definitely not in the front of my mind.  Last night (after the long arm machine went kaput) I got home pretty stressed, got my shot, got the mail and found out about the fee.  I cried... Mat was amazing, as always.  Between these meds and all of the stresses we're going through right now, it was just too much!  So... that sucks.  We'll be able to do it, though, and that is a blessing.

But it's the fee for all 15 of the babies- so it's about $55/baby.  That's a good way to look at it! And when we go back for a future pregnancy with our embryos, we won't have another surprise fee.


  1. Sorry about the extra fees. We had to actually adopt 3 different sets of embryos for each of our 3 transfers. Our first set had fees, but thankfully our other two sets didn't have any fees. It's a blessing though that you won't be surprised with anymore fees for future transfers. Two weeks away - So close!

  2. Not much longer now! Hoping these 2 weeks fly by as do the 2 weeks after. And that it ends with a great big positive!!!!

  3. Congratulations! I'm right behind you on the calendar. I've already mapped out all of the milestones to come from the "official" pregnancy date to to the potential due date. Probably not a good idea, but I can't help myself. :) Good luck to you!

  4. Thanks everyone! It's so neat to not personally know anyone going through this, but still be able to find support from people who have and/or are currently going through EA. Godspeed everyone! :)