Saturday, January 12, 2013

First OB went great!

Well I made it.  Actually, I was really early because the roads weren't quite as bad as I had thought they would be.  I only went 55 the whole way (the speed limit on rural roads is 65) but I got there safe.

Our Dr was very nice.  She is a younger woman and she'll be doing the delivery.  That's awesome... where we used to live, you could only have a delivery by the on-call OB and you were just stuck with whoever.  We talked about the kind of birth we want... questions we had.  It was a great visit.

I have gained almost 10 lbs already.  She said that because I'm on hormones (PIL and estrace) that it's really quite normal.  She expects me to gain more than average both for this reason, and because I was pretty thin to begin with. 

She did the normal female visit stuff.

She couldn't find the HB with a doppler, so we went for a rudimentary US down the hall.  It wasn't anything like the 6 or 9 week US we had (6 was trans vaginal so it was extra clear) but we were able to see Wiggler wiggling away.  He was really wiggling!  And she saw the HB, we didn't get to hear it or measure it, but she said it looked great.

Then we were going to stop at Subway for our date night.  We got outside and the walk was glare ice!  It had dropped below freezing while we were in there so all the rain had frozen.  Mat had me stay on the curb as he went to defrost my car and drive it up for me :)

We opted not to do Subway... and we made it home in one piece.  A few times along the way I thought "We could have totally gotten Subway" but then I'd hit some ice and realize it'd only get worse.  Mat followed me on the way home and we both made it unscathed.