Friday, January 25, 2013

The children God wants us to have

I truly feel that these babies are the children God wants us to have. 

Sure, it would have been easier if we were fertile and able to have our own.  Sure, it would have been nice if one of our infertility treatments had worked and we already had live children (one chemical pregnancy and one IVF worked and we were blessed with twins who were miscarried).  Sure it'd be nice if everything worked out the way we wanted it to... but what about what God wants?  Doesn't His will trump our desires every time? 

Already in this pregnancy (12w5d) I feel a closeness to Him who made us all, including the miracle wiggling away in my womb.  I have doubts, I'm human- I'm scared to death for our baby!  But I know that God will handle it.  I pray that He lets Wiggler be carried to term, but I also know that His will will be done, no matter what happens.

The trials of infertility have brought us to this beautiful place.  This God given place with a healthy pregnancy with a child God wants us to have.  Embryo adoption is a miracle!

We are so blessed! :)


  1. I have been saying this exact same thing for years...even before we did EA to have our daughter. I truely believe that God chooses the SOULS you will spend your life those souls come to you can vary....children, parents, siblings, friends etc. So when a couple cannot have biolical children....I don't see it as them not having "their children" or choosing an "alternate" plan. Nature is Nature....sometimes the bodies just don't work well together...but God can put the souls of YOUR children in any body He chooses. And this has been proven to me over and over. Our first child is biological. He was a long hard IVF battle, he is a carbon copy of his dad and looks nothing like me....our 2nd child came to us so easy without hardly any struggle and on the first try....she was INTENDED for us from the beginning of time....and...she is just like me, she looks like me, has some of the same personality traits I had as a child and overal just fits. I look at her and I see only MY child. I love her as intensly as my first born (sometimes even just a bit more because our bond is so much different and almost stronger than the one I have with my son). So are carrying YOUR child...the child that was MEANT FOR YOU and YOUR DH. Dont ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Congrats on your pregnancy. So excited you will have your baby in arms in just 6 months.
    kd (genoah on babycenter)

    1. Wow... that was so well put! Exactly how I feel.

      God is awesome! :D

  2. Love what KD wrote! It's a beautiful thing when we step back and realize that God has always been in complete control, even in the midst of infertility!

  3. God bless you in this beautiful journey!

  4. Thanks everyone! :) God bless you and Godspeed!