Thursday, April 18, 2013

Birth Free DVD #2

Last night we watched the second DVD from the Labor For Love birth series.  It was about nutrition and, while some of it was pretty redundant, much of it was very educational.

We also got to see a family using a Fetalscope.  With the husband and Jennifer (the woman who teaches the classes) leading in finding the HB... but then the toddler daughter on Daddy's lap got down to listen.  It was so cute!  I said to Mat, "One day Daughter is going to listen to our next child's HB." and we were both grinning from ear to ear :D

At the end of the DVD it had a birth.  Both Mat and I had thought that he might get a bit queezy, but he handled it really well.  It was about 20 minutes of video from a labor of many hours- just showing highlights and the actual birth.  The mother crowned for a full 2 minutes- then another contraction and out the baby came!  It was so miraculous!  I cried... I can't wait to have such a miracle happen to us :)

This mother did an at home water birth.  Water birth seems like something I want to look into...  I have it on my list of ?'s for my OB at my next visit.  The hospital I'm giving birth at is relatively new, so they just may have birthing tubs!

In other pregnancy news, my hands have been falling asleep at night.  Usually its my left hand if I'm on my left side and vice versa.  I'd wake up about 1/2 dozen times just from the sleeping hands.  For the past two nights, Mat has rubbed my arms before bed to get the blood flow going and I only woke from sleeping hands once each night!  Awesome!  There's still Daughter's wiggles, hunger, and bathroom breaks to wake me, but now I wake up less.


  1. I'm looking forward to, and yet NOT looking forward to those birth videos! But I guess it is a rite of passage!

  2. I am hoping for a water birth too! Two of my friends used the tub and loved it. My hands fall asleep all the time too. I'll have to try to get hubby to rub them too. Hope that's the trick!

    1. One of my friends told me after reading this post and said she had the tingly feeling in all of her pregnancies. It wasn't until her third that she found out it was carpal tunnel syndrome, which is common in pregnancy. She suggested wrist braces for sleeping... I'm going to ask my OB :)