Saturday, April 27, 2013

I love my midwife!

I only met one from the practice, but she was thoroughly awesome!  She actually seemed like she wanted to answer all of my questions... like it was not only her job, but her pleasure to make me as comfortable as possible.  And her nurse was amazing... there are two nurses in the practice, and I got to meet both.

So glad I switched!  In three weeks I see another from the practice.  The man... I'll have my glucose test at that time.  Midwife #1 (so called because I saw her at my first appointment) said that they usually do the Glucose test around week 28, which I'll be on my next visit.  She thought that the second OB must have just calculated wrong... but anyway, she thinks I most likely am not at risk since I have no history of gestational diabetes and I'm also measuring small (still within normal range, measuring 24 weeks).

What's that, you say?  Measuring small?  But I look so BIG!  Yes, well, I started out rather small, so I'm expected to gain more. Plus, I'm pretty sure that my body has been wanting to be pregnant for so long that the brain just told my cells from the get-go We're pregnant!  Cells, start on the maternal stores, now!  (I'm picturing an army captain voice for my brain) because my belly really isn't the only place that's gaining and/or swelling. 

All the professionals who I've seen say my weight gain is healthy, even though I've already gained 30 lbs... yes, that's right, I've already gained the "healthy" amount for a full term pregnancy and I'm only 26 weeks.  I'm listing that here not because I want to keep everyone up to date on my weight gain, but because I want to make other pregnant women who've gained that much (or will gain, or gain more) feel more comfortable about it.  Everything online just seems to have 25-35 listed for an entire pregnancy.  A bit more if you start small, a bit less if you start big.  Every pregnancy is different!  Every body is different! 

Daughter's HB was 140 something... I didn't write it down, though.

We found out that Mat can probably catch Daughter, which is pretty cool.  Unless some complications arise, once the head and shoulders are out he should be able to "take over".

We found out the name of the person to speak with about a water birth if we supply the tub.  Midwife #1 used to work at a clinic where water births were the norm, and she seemed to think supplying our own birthing tub may work with the hospital/birthing center.  So It's definitely something to look into!  It would be an added expense, but I think it may be worth it.

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  1. I am so glad that you found a practice where you feel more comfortable! I am looking into hiring a doula right now since a midwife isn't an option for us. It is definitely true that we all carry differently and almost everybody I know gained substantially more than 35 pounds with their first pregnancies. :)